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Wedding car hire is a very important part of the wedding day. It is the last journey a daughter will take with her father as a single person and her first journey as a married woman with her husband.

Wedding car hire is a very important part of the wedding day. It is the last journey a daughter will take with her father as a single person and her first journey as a married woman with her husband.

The best way to ensure you have a reliable and professional company for your wedding transportation is by a recommendation from a friend who has used their services before. However sometimes this is not possible, so we have written some information below which you may want to consider when searching for wedding cars from any wedding car hire service provider.

“As we were just so busy and caught up in having a wonderful time enjoying our wedding day, we did not get chance to thank you! You did a fantastic job which helped in making sure that everything ran smoothly. I couldn’t have asked for anything more, so thank you very much! I will be recommending your services to family and friends.”

Sara and Alex Jamieson

Never book the cheapest cost car without viewing it first. In order to keep hire costs artificially low to gain bookings some lower cost cars can be overworked and under maintained and this will undoubtedly affect their reliability and presentation.

An appreciation of the money and time spent on vehicles should always be observed. Always ensure the car you view is the actual one that will arrive in on the day.

If you find two cars of exactly the same model and colour but one of the cars is a little dearer, always view both. The difference in vehicle quality and refinements may well be worth the little extra and the service you receive may also differ.

Many modern weddings don’t stick to strict wedding etiquette any more but if you want to do things traditionally then you will need two cars – one for the mother of the bride and the bridesmaids and one for the father of the bride and the bride herself. At Century Wedding Cars we believe in going above and beyond the etiquette, so we arrive with you an hour before your service, usually operating from two addresses. First the Groom’s address, taking the groom and his party to the church/ceremony, before moving on to the bride’s address for the bridesmaids and then last but certainly not least – the bride.

The mother of the bride’s car will leave for the ceremony first so that they can be there to greet the bride and accompany her into the venue. The bride will follow closely behind.

After the wedding ceremony the bride and groom will travel together to the reception with the bridesmaids following in the second car.  If you are on a budget and the reception venue is only a short distance away, you could get the wedding car to do several trips to take the bridesmaids and respective parents to the reception.

If you only want to book one car:

  • Ask if a trip to the church for the Bridesmaids and Brides Mother prior to the Bride’s journey is included in the price.
  • Consider the distance and time to and from the church/ceremony if you require a first trip.
  • Consider how guests that have been transported before the service will be transported afterwards.  It’s different waiting in the house before the service to waiting outside the church afterwards (weather depending).
  • Ask if the car will be attending other weddings in the same day. If so will it have to rush away after a certain time, or will it be attending a wedding before yours?
Never take for granted that a business saying it has been established for many years means it is good, unless the current owner has owned and run the business successfully for the whole time. A business is only as good as it’s current owner and staff.

A new owner trading on the earlier years of a company name may not be as reliable or as professional as their earlier counterparts.

Many wedding car hire providers are franchisees using the franchise’s information and material such as when they were established, experience, portfolio etc. Anyone can hire out their own car for a wedding – wedding hire is exempt from licensing regulations. Unfortunately, this may mean some may not have the appropriate insurance cover or of course experience.

Wedding car hire is the hire of a car on the day of the wedding to transport the wedding party to the ceremony and on to the reception. Hire after the reception, as transport to the airport or hire any day after the wedding is not classed as wedding hire. This type of hire is classed as private hire and therefore only licensed cars can legally provide this service. Be aware of this as companies may not have the correct insurance as this is not covered under the usual wedding car hire insurance.

We think it is important to consider:

  • Is this a full time business? There are many wedding cars available from enthusiasts who do weddings as a side line.
  • Although unlikely but still important to consider, what back up would you have in the event of a breakdown?
  • Bookings can be taken up to two years in advance, will they still own the car?
  • What will the car look like in two years?
  • Is this car used as a daily driver or regular use vehicle?

Look for a reputable wedding car provider with a range of quality vehicles suitable for different styled weddings throughout different seasons.

Established companies will have experience and knowledge regarding their vehicles, etiquette, chauffeurs attire, what to expect during the hire, how to take care of nervous passengers, resolving problems, bridal attire etc.

Considering your wedding dress!

Always consider the wedding dress from the access point of view when booking a car. Will you have enough room getting in and out of the car?  Ensure that the chauffeur will be available to assist getting you in and out of the car to prevent any damage to your clothing and injury to occupants. You may not be used to wearing such a large outfit so you could potentially catch a shoe in your dress and fall if not properly aided.

Popular vehicles will be booked as far ahead as two years or more. The most popular vehicles are vintage, very closely followed by classic. The rule is simple – if you have found the car you want, are happy with the price and the wedding car provider – book it. The likelihood is that if you love it, someone else will too.

Weddings in peak season (Easter to October) will be busy. If vintage or classic is what you are looking for, don’t think too long, you may lose it to another wedding. Make your decision and secure your booking.

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